Visit A Historic Plantation In Charlotte North Carolina

July 27th, 2011 by admin

Plantations were successful industries in America’s early past and several of historical significance is still in existence. Charlotte, North Carolina, is home to several plantations that have been preserved.

The Latta Plantation was built in 1800 and was owned by Ireland immigrant James Latta. He grew cotton with the help of 34 enslaved people on 742 acres of land. He died in 1837 leaving his wife the property, which she sold to William Sample in 1853. Sample ran the farm until 1922. It was then sold to Crescent Land and Timber. Sadly, in the 1950s the home was abandoned and left to decay.

Latta Plantation’s historical importance was noticed and the farm was saved. It is now used for summer camp programs, field trips and regular tours.

Another historically significant Charlotte Plantation is Rosedale. The estate was built in 1815 by Archibald Frew, who was a tax collector, store owner and postmaster. The farm was a 919 acre spread that served as a cotton mill, press, blacksmith shop and orchard. It was owned by Sarah Frew, Archibald’s sister, and run by The Caldwell family until Dr. Caldwell’s death in 1861. The Plantation is open for tours and guides present a detailed account of the farms past adventures.

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