Charlotte’s Budding Art Community

June 12th, 2012 by admin

When many of you think about moving to a creative art community, I’m sure the Carolinas are not first and foremost in your mind. They certainly weren’t when I was I looking for a place to stay that would nourish my creativity but I soon found myself pleasantly surprised when I watched a special about it on television. I had just finished squaring things away with and I was sitting down to enjoy my new TV when I saw a special talking about Charlotte, North Carolina.

Despite the recession, Charlotte, North Carolina has experienced a kind of creative renaissance and this bustling metropolis is now, arguably, one of the most creative and unique and artistic hotspots in the country. A blooming art district known as NoDa is only one example of the way artistic and creative minds have shaped and directed the flow of Charlotte’s development and anywhere you go in this city you are likely to find art museums, public demonstrations, abstract sculptures and pretty much anything else you can think of suggesting a culture that is far from intellectual stagnation. There are even art and writing clubs where likeminded individuals meet and collaborate on their projects and it’s all happening in Charlotte.

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