Fat Free Apple Salad Recipe






Apple Slices

Fat Free Dressing Your Choice

Ok, I know you are saying, “Apples in My Salad? No Way!” I promise you if you have never tried this simple salad, you are missing a dear treat. This recipe is simple, but delicious. Take a regular salad and spice it up by adding your favorite fruit. In this recipe you see that I use apples and raisins to make this salad delicious. This is one sure way to get your Vitamin C! Make sure to chop the spinach in lettuce in small pieces. Take you one apple and slice it in fours or eights. Put all the other ingredients into the salad bowl, add your dressing and presto! You are ready to munch like a bunny rabbit.

To be honest I would add some chicken breast to this salad, which has all of the fat trimmed off of it. This would be a very healthy salad for someone who wants to eat healthy and light. Adding the chicken would of course add some fat to the recipe, but it is healthier than frying your chicken and putting it in your salad, which I have done as well. If you do add the chicken, remember to cook it separately and season to taste. You can add a little water, instead of oil or butter to cook the chicken and make a grave that you can use as Salad Dressing too. Remember to share this with your friends. Have a party and invite them over. They will love this simple Fat Free Recipe.

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