Summer BBQ Recipe for Kids

BBQ Hot Dogs on a Stick

What you will need. 

  • Hot dogs probably 1-2 packages
  • KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce about a 4ounce glass full
  • Parents to cut the hot dog sticks

Parents or an adult supervisor needs to go outside and turn on the grill, while you are doing that the kids could be gathering the sticks for the hot dogs, so you can sharpen them up to stick the hot dog on. (which by the way I have rarely ever seen any kid turn down hot dogs, so we might have a winner here.) Anyways you will put the hot dogs on the grill for about 5-10 minutes depending on how high your setting are on for BBQ grill. After the hot dogs are done the adult supervisor over the kids will put the hot dogs on a stick for the kids. You will the get your KC masterpiece BBQ sauce in about an 4 ounce cup and fill it full and depending on how many kids there are you might need more than one cup too. Best thing to is to do it out side , the kids will then dunk their hot dog in the cup of KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce. Also great for adults too! It really is a great summer BBQ recipe for kids. Hope you enjoy!

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